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Hunting, hunters and game species

Date Added: September 16, 2009 02:44:54 PM
Author: Hunting-Fishing-Directory
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Hunting, hunters and game species 

One of the oldest human activities, the hunting, is nowadays a very popular and worldwide spread sport. 

No matter if we talk about hunting with the gun, with a bow or with a bird of prey, this passion offers unforgetable outdoor moments to the hunters. 

The great diversity of animals and birds offers the opportunity of practicising hunting on various game species. 
It can be practised on field birds, like pheasants, quails, partridges, wild turkeys or waterfowl or migratory birds as ducks, geese, woodcock or on forrest species as the capercaillie. 

Big game also covers a big variety of animals as the roe deer, common stag, fallow deer, sika deer, elk, reindeer and wild boar – these being common for areas with a cooler climate. Africa has an important fauna, too: cape buffalo, giraffe, zebra, kudu, oryx, antelopes, gazelles, elephant, rhinoceros and many others are dominating the hunting landscape. 

A special category are the predators,as the wolves, bears, pumas, panthers, lions, leoppards, tigers, hiennas and many more. 
This was only a short list of the hunting game species, as they are much more than we could discuss in a short article. 

But no matter the game species and location, hunting remains one of the most pleasant outdoor activity for humans.


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